Sand Washing Machine

The sand that has been mined at the bottom of the river or rock strata carries impurities such as dust and clay. The impurities need to be separated from the sand and gravel to achieve the purpose of purification. Sand washing machine does that job at the final step of sand making process after crushers, sand making machine, screening equipment.

Application Of Sand Washing Machine

A sand washing machine or sand washer is designed to remove the impurities  (dust and clay) on the sand to complete the washing, gradation, and dehydration. It is widely used in mining, building materials, metallurgy, transportation, hydropower, concrete mixing plant, and other industries.

AGICO Sand Washing Machine For Sale

AGICO produces high efficient sand washing machines for sale. With the use of our product, clean sand and gravel with various specifications are obtained to meet the end customer’s needs. Click the following product title to get detailed information about the cost-saving sand washing machines.

Bucket wheel sand washing machine

XSD series sand washing machine is a high-efficiency bucket-type sand washing equipment that adopts advanced technology at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of a high cleaning degree, large processing capacity, low power consumption, less sand loss, and low failure rate. It is a good choice for upgrading sand washing equipment.

Screw sand washing machine

A screw sand washing machine is suitable for the pre-cleaning of silt in iron, manganese, limestone, tin ore and other ores with a large amount of mud. It is mainly used for mixing, washing, separating and desilting of minerals. It is also suitable for stone cleaning in construction, power station and other projects, and the flushing water pressure is below 147-196kpa. The transmission part of the screw washing machine produced by AGICO is isolated from ore, water and sand, so its failure rate is much lower than the current commonly used screw washing machine. It is an ideal choice for upgrading the mineral washing industry.

Working Principle Of The Sand Washer Machine

There are two common types mostly used: bucket wheel sand washing machine and screw sand washing machine. They have different working principles.

Bucket wheel sand washer working principle

The bucket wheel sand washer is composed of a wheel bucket, a base and a transmission device. The base supports the wheel bucket and transmission system and forms a sand washing tank. The sand removed by the wheel bucket is sent away by the conveying device.

Screw sand washer working principle

A sedimentation tank forms at the lower part of the inclined water tank. The screw head is submerged in the sedimentation tank. The motor drives the screw to rotate after deceleration by the reducer. Cleaning water is fed from the bottom of the sedimentation tank to complete cleaning, dehydration and classification.

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