Maximum Feeding Size: 45mm
Capacity: 60-520t/h
Motor Power: 110-440 kw

Application: Artificial sand making and stone shaping

Crushing materials: granite, basalt, limestone, pebbles, calcite, quartz stone, diabase, and other materials  

What is vSI sand making machine?

VSI sand making machine, also known as high-efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher, is a new generation of impact sand making machines developed by introducing German sand-making technology. This equipment has developed a variety of feeding methods and crushing modes.

It is a multi-purpose crusher. Compared with the same type of products, it has high output, good product size, low use cost, and 50% energy saving than traditional crushers.

It has become an important piece of equipment in the fields of stone shaping, artificial sand making, refractory materials, and industrial ore products processing.

Application of VSI sand making machines

It can process many kinds of rocks, gravel, and river pebbles to be used as building sand with various particle sizes. The finished sand has a uniform particle size and high compressive strength. It is far more in line with construction requirements than natural sand and sand produced by ordinary hammer sand crushers.

application of the VSI sand making machine
application of sand making machine
  • Artificial sand making of river pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, and stone chips.
  • Production of building aggregates, highway road fabrics, cushion materials, asphalt concrete, and cement concrete aggregates.
  • Artificial sand production and stone shaping for water conservancy and hydropower, high-grade highways, expressways, high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, and high-rise buildings in the engineering field.
  • The fine crushing process of the pre-grinding in the mining industry, and the crushing of materials in the building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining, refractory, cement, abrasive and other industries.
  • High abrasiveness and secondary disintegration and crushing, desulfurization in thermal power and metallurgical industries, steel slag, construction waste crushing, and other environmental protection projects.
  • Production of glass, quartz sand, and other high-purity materials.

Advantages of VSI sand making machine

High yield and good grain shape

Large processing capacity, high output. The finished product is cubic with a good grain shape. Reasonable gradation, adjustable fineness modulus, especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping. Compared with the traditional equipment under the same power, the output is increased by 30%.

Good energy-saving effect

The parts of the equipment adopt new designs and materials, which are not only wear-resistant but also more convenient to use with the whole machine. The equipment has a good energy-saving effect, which is 50%-60% energy-saving than traditional sand making machines.

Wide range of applications

VSI sand making machine is easy to operate and energy-saving. It not only meets the requirements of building sand quality but also makes up for the technical shortcomings of the sand-making industry. It can be combined and graded according to the different needs of users and can meet the needs of users in different processes.

Thin-oil lubrication, automatic maintenance

The equipment uses the original German thin oil lubrication station. The dual oil pumps complement each other to ensure that the oil supply. The machine automatically stopped when no oil flow, and no oil pressure. The oil cooling and heating device ensures that the bearing is always in good condition to completely solve the bearing heating and other problems so that the spindle bearing maintains a constant temperature and the service life is prolonged.

The Structure of the VSI sand making machine

The VSI sand making machine is composed of a casing, a rotor, the main shaft device, a cooling device, a motor, a transmission pulley, and an electric control cabinet.

structure of the VSI sand making machine
parts of the VSI sand making machine

Casing: The casing is the skeleton of the VSI sand making machine. The top part is the feed hopper, the middle part is the impact crushing cavity, and the lower part is the discharge port. It can not only be used as feed support but also can adjust the direction and flow of circulating air volume. In general, there are inspection doors on the casing for easy observation, maintenance of equipment, and replacement of liners.

Rotor: The rotor used in the VSI vertical sand making machine is an automatic protection type rotor that is different from the ordinary cylindrical rotor. The rotor is an equilateral triangular component centered on the rotating shaft. It has three discharge ports, and each discharge port is equipped with a guard plate to prevent most of the rebounding material from hitting the side of the rotor. On the one hand, the surface of the rotor is protected; on the other hand, the material properties are improved.

Main shaft: The main shaft device of the sand making machine is a vertical shaft supported on two bearings and driven by a belt conveyor.

Lubrication and cooling device: The sand making machine adopts special thin oil spray lubrication, and the lubrication effect is good.

Motor and belt drive: The motor is a double motor and is used with belt drive.

Working principle of VSI sand crusher

Two different working methods according to the feeding methods.

“Stone-strike-iron” working principle. A full center feeding method. The material falls into the hopper and enters the high-speed rotating impeller through the middle of the distribution plate, accelerates at high speed, and then is projected out, hitting the peripheral guard plate to break the material.

working principle of the VSI sand making machine
working principle of VSI sand crusher

“Stone-strike-stone” working principle. The central feeding is accompanied by the scattered feeding materials falling from the cone distributor. Materials falling from the center enter the impeller and then are projected out at high speed, colliding with another part of scattered materials falling from the cone distributor.


Capacity (t/h) side and center feeding120-180200-260300-380450-520
Capacity (t/h) center feeding60-90100-130150-190225-260
Feeder opening size (mm) Soft Material≤35≤40≤45≤50
Feeder opening size (mm) Hard Material≤30≤35≤40≤45
Rotation speed (r/min)1700-18901520-16901360-15101180-1310
Power of the double motors (kw)110-150180-220264-320400-440
Overall dimension (mm)3700x2150x21004140x2280x24254560x2447x27785000X2700X3300
Weight (t)7.810.31625.6
Vibrating sensorInspection scope:0.1-20mm/s, it can be adjusted
Thin-oil lubrication station Power of double oil pump2×0.31kw
Thin-oil lubrication station safetyDouble oil pumps make sure supply of oil; stop automatically without oil flow or oil pressure; water-cooled; Heating start the motor in winter
Thin-oil lubrication station Overall dimension (mm)820×520×1270
Thin-oil lubrication station Power of oil-box heater dimension (mm)2KW

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