Jaw Plate For Sale

Application: Jaw crusher
Material: high manganese steel ( or high chromium alloy, cast steel )
Surface: triangle tooth, trapezoid tooth, corrugated tooth
Customization: according to customers’ drawings
Certificate: ISO9001:2008, CE

Product Introduction

The jaw plate is also called the jaw die or crusher jaw plate. It is the component of jaw crushers responsible for the crushing of aggregate, cement, mining materials, etc. There are two types of jaw plates, fixed jaw plates, and swing jaw plates. When the jaw crusher is working, the fed materials are compressed and crushed between the swing jaw and the fixed jaw by their reciprocating movement.

The jaw plate direct contacts hard materials is under friction impact and will wear out as time goes on. The abrasion resistance is essential for the quality of the jaw plate. If the hardness and toughness of the jaw die are not enough, the normal operation of the jaw crusher will be affected. It will result in low-efficiency production, low quality crushed materials with unqualified particle sizes.

AGICO Cement manufactures jaw plates for all types of jaw crushers with various specifications. New-type high manganese steel, super-high manganese steel, high-strength high manganese steel, etc. materials with premium quality are adopted as the material for jaw plate.

Advantages of jaw plate by AGICO Cement

  • Good toughness

The manganese steel material contributes to the good toughness of the jaw plate.

  • Longer service life

The wear-resistant strength is high. The service life is tripled thanks to the advanced and scientific design of the material chemical composition, and manufacturing processes (melting, casting, heat treatment).

  • Lower the investment

The robust product doubles the crushing efficiency and can reduce the wear at the same time, saving 40%-60% cost for investors as a result.

  • Reliable performance

It is far more reliable than ordinary jaw dies. The downtime is reduced because of the high wear-resistant and longer service life. The maintenance work is less.

Why Choose AGICO Cement?

  • Rich experience

AGICO Cement has years of experience in manufacturing crushing equipment and crusher wear parts. The company has established a department for casting, heat treatment, finishing, and inspection.

  • Advanced equipment

The company has complete equipment such as large medium frequency electric furnaces ranging from 5-20t, large sand mixers, large rolling stocks, etc.

  • Diversified manufacturing technology

There are production lines with different processing methods such as the traditional water glass sand method, and the evaporative pattern casting process.

  • Strong technical support

The engineering team accepts CAD drawings and has PRO-E software and CAE simulation casting. Other related software requirements can be met as well.

Design of the jaw crusher plate

The surface is usually made into a tooth shape, and the angle of the tooth peak of the jaw plate is 90°~120° which is determined by the nature and size of the material to be crushed. When crushing large materials, the angle should be larger. When crushing small materials, the angle can be smaller. The size of the tooth pitch depends on the particle size of the product, usually, it is approximately equal to the width of the discharge port. The ratio of the tooth height to the tooth pitch can be taken as 1/2~1/3.


When designing, the swing jaw dies and the fixed jaw dies should have tooth peaks facing tooth valleys. When crushing materials, in addition to extrusion, there is also a bending effect on the materials, and the materials are relatively easy to break. To enhance the service life of the jaw plates, the plates of the small and medium-sized crushers are designed to be symmetrical up and down, and the head can be used when the lower part is worn. The jaw plates of the large jaw crusher are designed to be symmetrical with each other so that the plate can be exchanged for use after wear and tear.

Jaw plate Material

High-manganese wear-resistant steel is the first choice among wear-resistant materials in the way of resistance to strong impact and high-pressure material wear. It has work-hardening characteristics unmatched by other wear-resistant materials. Under the action of greater impact load or greater contact stress, the surface of the steel plate will produce work hardening resulting in a highly wear-resistant surface layer, while the austenite in the inner layer of the steel plate still maintains good impact toughness.

Features of the high-manganese steel

  • The greater the external impact load, the higher the surface wear resistance.
  • As the surface-hardened layer gradually wears away, new work-hardened layers are continuously formed.

High manganese wear-resistant steel Mn13 lining plate is widely used in ball mills, crushers, and other parts that are easily worn by the strong impact due to its excellent wear resistance, and has been widely used in machinery, power generation, cement, mining, coal, and other enterprises.

Manufacturing process of Jaw Crusher Plate

Take the casting process, for example, the whole process mainly contains the following steps:

Wood pattern → molding → pouring → pit – sand cleaning- heat treatment – finishing (inspection) → rough processing – (inspection) – finishing (inspection) → assembly – packaging – delivery


Chemical composition & properties of jaw die

Material: Mn13Cr2

Yield strength(Mpa)Tensile strength (Mpa)Elongation (%)Hardness
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