impact plate For sale

Application: Impact Crusher
Material: high chrome, medium chrome, high manganese, martensitic steel, and customized materials
Customization: according to customers’ drawings
Certificate: ISO9001:2008 & CE certification

Product Introduction

The impact plate also called the impact block, is one part of the impact crusher as important as the impact crusher blow bar. It can protect the impact crusher by reducing wear and tear while participating in material crushing work. The role of the impact plate is to withstand the impact of the material rebounded from the impact blow bar, so that the material is crushed by the impact. The crushed material is re-bounced back to the impact area and subjected to impact crushing again to obtain the required product size.


The impact plate is generally made of high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, or other materials.

AGICO Cement is a professional supplier of crushing equipment and crusher wear parts. The impact plate is manufactured with fine workmanship, rigorous ingredients, and superb heat treatment.

Advantages of impact plate by AGICO Cement

  • Precise dimension

The impact plate and other crusher wear parts are manufactured as per drawings or serial numbers of the crushers to make sure it fits the original machine.

  • Strong abrasion resistance

Due to the advanced manufacturing technology, the impact plates have strong wear resistance which will extend the service life.

  • Less downtime

With the use of an impact plate by AGICO Cement, the downtime of the crusher is effectively reduced. There is less maintenance work to do.

  • Strict production process

The production process is strictly controlled to meet international standards.

Why Choose AGICO Cement?

  • Lower cost

As a factory from China, we have price advantages over many other competitors which can save costs for customers.

  • Reliable supplier

AGICO Cement is well recognized by clients for its strong capacity, attentive service, solid quality, and integrity management.

  • Customization service

We are always proud of supplying the best solution to satisfy the specific needs of our customers through customization services.

  • Full range of products

As an experienced supplier, we can not only supply the crusher wear parts. Our products also include impact crushers, jaw crushers, and cone crushers.

Types of the impact plate

There are many forms of impact plates, mainly bending and curved. The bending-shaped impact surface can make the material on each point of the impact plate in the approximate vertical direction of impact, so the best crushing effect can be obtained. The circular impact surface enables the material to be rebounded from the impact plate and then form an intense impact-crushing zone in the center of the circle to increase the free impact-crushing effect of the material.

The manufacturing process of impact Plate

The casting process follows the steps below:

Wood pattern → molding → pouring → pit – sand cleaning- heat treatment – finishing (inspection) → rough processing – (inspection) – finishing (inspection) → assembly – packaging – delivery

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