Raw material:sand, gravel, crushed stone, etc.
Feeding size:<1000mm
Finished size:0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm,20-40mm, 40-60mm
or according to clients’ requirement
Application:cement concrete, asphalt concrete, road foundation,
road slag, mortar, etc.

Introduction of aggregate crushing plant

Aggregate crushing plant is used for processing coarse, usually large particulate material to the required size of raw materials for many industries such as construction stone, cement raw material processing, raw ore processing in the ore processing plant, and other sections.

AGICO Cement provides crushing equipment, screening equipment, conveyor belt, sand making machine, and sand washing machine for processing all types of aggregate. The capacity of the aggregate production line is up to 2000 TPH. The finished size will be 0-5mm, 5-10 mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm, 40-60mm, and even larger.

What is aggregate?

Aggregate is a broad category of mixed minerals such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone. It is a granular material that plays the role of the skeleton and filling in concrete and mortar. Aggregate is generally used in cement concrete, asphalt concrete, road foundation, road slag, mortar, etc.

Coarse aggregate

Coarse aggregate is crushed stone or gravel that makes up the skeleton of concrete. The diameter of coarse aggregate particles is greater than 5 mm, and crushed stones and pebbles are commonly used.

Fine aggregate

The fine aggregate is sand that fills the voids between the coarse aggregates. The aggregate particle diameter is between 0.16 and 5 mm. Generally, natural sand is used. 

Configuration of aggregate crusher plant

Generally speaking, the configuration of the aggregate production line needs to be combined with the user’s working conditions, hourly output, finished product particle size, energy consumption, and other requirements. The common equipment combinations of the aggregate production line are listed following. (Please note that other configurations are customizable.)

  1. Jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine + auxiliary equipment (feeder, conveyor, elevator, etc.)
  1. Jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine + auxiliary equipment
  1. Hammer crusher + high-efficiency fine crusher + sand making machine + auxiliary equipment

Aggregate Crushing Machine

Working Process Of Aggregate Crushing Plant

The aggregate crushing consists of four systems: feeding system, crushing and sand making system, screening system, and sorting system.

  1. Preprocessing

This stage mainly uses hammering to pre-break the bulk materials in the raw ore of sand and gravel and sorts the debris that is not suitable for crushing such as wasted wood, plastic, etc. The first magnetic separation is carried out at this stage to remove the scrap iron in the aggregate.

  1. Crushing and sand making

First, the raw materials are crushed by a jaw crusher, and the materials are evenly fed by a vibrating feeder. The coarsely crushed materials are transported to the transfer pile by the conveying equipment. Then, the material can be finely crushed and shaped by sand making machine, and the sand and gravel aggregates after being processed by the sand making machine have a uniform particle size.

  1. Primary screening

At this stage, a circular vibrating screen is used to screen the coarsely broken concrete aggregates into blocks of 0-40mm and crushed materials of less than 5mm. Among them, the coarse aggregate of 5-40mm can be directly used in the production of general C15-C20 concrete after collection. The fine aggregate can be transported to the transfer pile for the next process.

  1. Secondary crushing and screening

Secondary crushing can use a ball mill to crush the fine aggregates again. The secondary screening divides the crushed aggregate into 5-20mm high-quality recycled aggregates, which can be used for C25-C30 concrete manufacturing, and the tertiary screening selects 0.15mm-5mm high-quality recycled fine aggregates and 0.15mm Fine powder below mm.

Since the raw materials have different properties and the production demand is varied, the configuration of crushing equipment and crushing process is not the same. AGICO Cement will design the aggregate production line based on the specific situation.

Advantages of the AGICO CEMENT processed aggregate

  •  It has very good particle gradation and small accumulation porosity, which can save cement consumption.
  • It has very stable physical and chemical properties and better durability.
  •  It contains few impurities, which will not affect the setting and hardening of cement, which can effectively improve the service life of engineering buildings.
  • The mechanically processed aggregate has higher hardness and firmness and has a more obvious frame effect.

Successful Cases

Name:2000t/h limestone production line in Yunnan, China
Equipment:Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating screen.
Name:400t/h cobblestone production line in Ruyang, Henan
Equipment:Jaw crusher, Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating screen
Name:200t/h Pebble production line in Yiyang, Henan
Equipment:mobile jaw crusher, mobile multi-cylinder cone crusher, sand washing machine, fine sand recovery device
Name:1000t/h granite production line project in Shandong, China
Equipment:Jaw Crusher, Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Vertical Impact Crusher
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