500t/h Coal Gangue Crushing Plant In Shanxi


Project Overview

Name:500t/h coal gangue crushing plant
Material:coal gangue
Location:Shanxi, China
Equipment:track-mounted mobile impact crusher

Background Information

A local customer from Taiyuan, Shanxi, wanted to purchase a set of crushers to crush and process coal gangue. After an investigation and comparison of multiple manufacturers, AGICO’s crusher was selected. The output is 500t when requested. Due to the limited site area, our engineers suggested a new track-mounted type mobile impact crusher as a special coal crushing equipment. The equipment has a small footprint, flexible movement, free-going and stop-and-go, low-carbon and energy-saving, high-efficiency coal crushing, Semi-automated structure, intelligent operation, higher safety index, especially suitable for the site layout and production needs.

Advantages of the project

  • Integrated structure design, small footprint

This mobile crusher with an output of 500 tons per hour adopts an integrated structure design, which has a small floor area and saves a lot of groundwork and foundation costs.

  • Reasonable configuration and simple installation

Crushing, feeding, screening, transportation, and other links can be completed at one time, no need to purchase other link equipment, no complicated installation operations.

  • Support dual-use of oil and electricity to ensure continuous production

It can be used in combination with oil and electricity, which solves the trouble and loss caused by no electricity or sudden power failure in remote areas.

  •  Convenient transfer, saving transportation costs

The mobile crusher adopts a crawler-driven walking and folding structure. The raw materials do not need to be transported. The raw materials can be operated wherever they are. It is more convenient to change the site and save a lot of transportation costs.

  • High degree of intelligence, can build unmanned operation site

The overall equipment is highly intelligent, the parameters are debugged in the operation room, and unmanned operation can be realized in the later stage, which saves a lot of manpower input.

  • Complete environmental protection facilities, in line with green production standards

The equipment also uses a dust filter system, equipped with dust-proof spray and noise reduction devices, so there is no need to worry about the pollution.

Words From Customer

It’s crucial to choose the right equipment for crushing coal gangue. The reason why we choose AGICO is that they have a good reputation, quality warranty, considerate service, and competitive price. The track-mounted type mobile crusher solves the problem of limited site ground. In addition, the early-stage investment is small. In two years of use, we find no failure. It works so efficiently and the energy consumption is low. Also, it is environmentally friendly. The final products have been recognized by our downstream dealer. This project has brought us not only high profit but also the status and influence in the industry.

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