150t/h Granite Mobile Crushing Plant


Project Overview

Name:150t/h Granite Mobile Crushing Plant
Equipment:mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher

Working Process Of The Granite Crushing Machine

The raw material of the whole crushing production line is granite with a size less than or equal to 660mm. Since the hardness of granite is relatively high, it is important to choose the right type of crushers to crush or unnecessary wear will happen.

A professional mobile jaw crusher and a mobile cone crusher can complete the production.  Jaw crusher and cone crusher are commonly used for rocks and stones with high hardness such as granite.

Put the granite evenly into the mobile jaw crusher for crushing, and transfer the produced materials to the mobile cone crusher. According to customer requirements to produce the corresponding particle size. Unqualified particles return and are broken again until it is qualified. The whole operation requires only individual technicians which can reduce manpower. The data-based production mode is safer and more reliable.

Advantages of the granite crusher machine

  • The high degree of automation

The most popular focus of mobile production lines is intelligence. With new production technology, simple operation, centralized control system, the machine is safer and more reliable.

  • Walk anywhere

The crawler drive mode is not limited to the size of the site, the topography is good or bad, and where to go for production. It reduces the high cost of equipment foundation construction and material transportation.

  • Comply with environmental protection

The mobile crushing production line is designed with environmental protection issues in mind. It adopts a dust filter system and can also be equipped with a dust-proof spray device. So there is no need to worry about the pollution.

  • Hybrid of oil and electricity

It supports the mixed-use of oil and electricity, which solves the trouble and loss caused by no electricity or sudden power failure in remote areas.

Words From Customer

AGICO’s granite mobile production line surprised me. I didn’t expect to be able to use such high-tech equipment, and the quality is very good. After nearly two and a half months, the equipment has not had any problems. The granite crusher machine produces materials with uniform particle sizes. The appearance is good, and the production environment has also reached environmental protection standards. The regular return visit and the after-sales are very well done. AGICO is a reliable supplier. We anticipate the next cooperation.

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