100t/h Slag Mobile Crushing Plant

100tph slag crushing plant

Project Overview

Name:100t/h slag mobile crushing plant
Location:Fujian, China
Equipment:mobile jaw crusher

Working Process Of Slag Crushing Plant

To complete the crushing and recycling of slag and reduce the pollution in the production at the same time, AGICO designs environmentally friendly production solutions for users.

First of all, the mobile crushing station is equipped with a jaw crusher and combined into a mobile jaw crushing plant. It can be directly driven to mineral waste residue site to work, which can reduce the pollution problem caused by the drop of waste residue during transportation.

In the process of processing mineral waste residue, the mobile crushing station is equipped with a piece of mobile screening equipment, which can screen some of the crushed slags. The ones that have useful value need to be crushed again and then placed in the finished product area through a mobile transport device. If there is no reuse value, it needs to be placed in a known location through a transportation device to avoid secondary pollution to the environment.

Advantages of the slag crusher plant

  •  The operation process is environmentally friendly and meets green production standards

The slag crusher plant adopts integrated machine assembly and crawler-driven walking. It can be directly driven to the waste residue site and work there, avoiding the secondary transportation of materials to reduce the pollution caused by falling waste during transportation.

  • Fully intelligent operation, reducing manpower

It can be a single machine to form a complete production line. Feeding, crushing, screening, etc. can be completed continuously at one time. Only a centralized control system is needed to control the whole field by controlling production data.  Intelligence and automation run through the entire production process.

  • Support dual-use of oil and electricity, which can guarantee continuous production demand

This Slag crushing plant supports two power modes: electricity connection and diesel power generation. No matter whether there is electricity or not, whether it is inconvenient to connect, it will not delay production, and realize production freedom in the true sense.

Words From Customer

The Fujian user reported that due to the on-site guidance from the AGICO manufacturer and the recommended crushing equipment, the slag crushing production line configured can not only recycle the waste slag but also meet the requirements of environmentally friendly production. In addition, the price of the configured slag mobile crushing plant is very reasonable, affordable, and without any additional costs. AGICO slag crusher plant not only brings a better corporate economy but also is very convenient and labor-saving in production. It is looking forward to the next cooperation with AGICO.

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