Toggle Plate For Sale

Application: Jaw crusher
Material: high manganese steel ( or customized material)
Customization: according to customers’ drawings
Certificate: ISO9001:2008 & CE certification

Product Introduction

The toggle plate is one of the main components of jaw crushers which is not only a connection part but more importantly a safety device attached to the movable jaw. When unbreakable materials fall into the crusher and the machine exceeds the normal load, the toggle plate will be broken immediately, and the crusher will stop working to prevent the whole machine from being damaged.

When the toggle plate is broken or worn down, it needs to be replaced. AGICO Cement supplies customized crusher wear parts that better fit various jaw crusher brands. You only need to provide the drawings of the original parts.

Advantages of crusher toggle plate by AGICO Cement

  • Quality material

The toggle plates are manufactured from high manganese steel with high strength.

  • Long wear life

The abrasion resistance of the toggle plates is strong that extends the service life.

  • Competitive price

The toggle plates and other parts, or the crushing machine are at factory price.

  • Customized design

The toggle plates are manufactured to the specifications of various models of jaw crushers.

Why Choose AGICO Cement?

  • Mature casting technology

Both sand casting and lost foam casting methods can be realized. We will choose the suitable process according to the specific conditions and requirements of customers.

  • Strong comprehensive ability

AGICO Cement has been practicing in the cement and mining industry for more than 20 years. We can provide not only the equipment but also the solutions.

  • One-stop service

We can offer a one-stop service from design, manufacturing, installation, and debugging.

  • Customizable service

The professional teams support customized services to better fit the specific needs of customers.

Types Of Crusher Toggle Plate

According to the structural composition, the toggle plate is divided into two types: assembled type and integral type.

Assembled type:

The toggle plate used in the simple pendulum jaw crusher is an assembled structure. It is assembled by connecting a toggle body with two toggle heads so that only the worn and scrapped toggle heads can be replaced to save the metal of consumable parts. Since the toggle plates used in large crushers are heavy, lifting rings should be designed for such toggle plates.

Integral type:

Integral-type toggle plates are used on compound pendulum jaw crushers because of their smaller weight and size.

Material of toggle plate of jaw crusher

The material of the crusher toggle plate can be high-chromium alloy cast iron, high manganese steel, or customized material. The table below is for your reference. If you have other needs, please contact us.

ColorCustomer needCustomer needCustomer needCustomer need
BrandAll brandAll brandAll brandAll brand

Manufacturing process of Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate

The process of manufacturing adopts water-glass sand casting or lost foam casting. A medium-frequency electric furnace is used for the melting process. Anneal, quenching, and tempering for the heat treatment. The casting process mainly contains the following steps:

Wood pattern → molding → pouring → pit – sand cleaning- heat treatment – finishing (inspection) → rough processing – (inspection) – finishing (inspection) → assembly – packaging – delivery



The crusher toggle plate and other crusher wear parts for crushing equipment are exported to the Middle East, Indonesia, Peru, Malaysia, South Africa, Philippines, Mongolia, etc.

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