Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a type of crushing equipment for reducing different materials into smaller sizes in mining, metallurgy, chemical, construction, etc. industries. It is also known as the primary jaw crusher since usually used in the first stage of coarse crushing.

The material which the jaw crusher deals with is large. The rock reduced by jaw crusher is ready for impact crusher and cone crusher to do the medium and fine crushing. Jaw crusher is currently the most common crushers for sale in the world. Equipped with high-manganese-steel jaw plates, it can crush ores, rocks, steel slag, and other hard materials.

It can be used in cement plants, quarries, stone materials plants, coal processing plants, highway construction, road and bridge aggregates, concrete mixing plants, steel mills, water conservancy projects, construction waste recycling, and other industries.

Benefits of AGICO jaw crushers

AGICO offers jaw crushers with the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, low operating cost. We have SC series jaw crusher, SD series jaw crusher, PE series jaw crusher, mobile jaw crusher for sale. They can meet a wide range of output requirements and crush the materials into ideal size high-efficiently.

  • Advanced technology

Adopting world-class manufacturing technology and most high-end materials.

  • Exceptional reliability

High-quality cast steel made moving jaw, forged heavy-duty eccentric shafts, and large roller bearings give the crusher exceptional reliability.

  • High production capability

Larger feeding size, bigger crushing ratio, higher output, and lower power consumption.

  • Wide range of selection

AGICO supplies Jaw crushers suitable for dealing with more than 20 kinds of raw materials of different abrasive property. 

Jaw Crusher For Sale

SC Jaw Crusher

SC series jaw crusher is a new generation jaw crusher developed with the introduction of European technology. Compared with a similar type, its output is high, energy consumption is low, the structure is simple, and it is the preferred equipment for crushing various kinds of rocks.

SD Jaw Crusher

SD European jaw crusher is a new type that has been developed based on introducing advanced jaw crusher technology from Europe and America.SD European Jaw Crusher is suitable for crushing ores, rocks, slag and other materials with compressive strength not higher than 300Mpa.

PE Jaw Crusher

PE jaw crushers are used for coarse and medium crushing and are widely applied to the material with compressive strength below 320Mpa. It has the feature of a large crushing ratio, uniform product size, solid structure, stable work, easy maintenance, low operating costs.

Working principle of jaw crushers

The motor drives the belt and belt wheel to move the movable jaw up and down through an eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the toggle plate and the jaw becomes larger, thus driving the movable jaw plate towards the fixed jaw plate. At the same time, the material is crushed or split to achieve the purpose of crushing. When the jaw goes down, the angle between the toggle plate and the jaw decreases.

Under the rod tension and spring action, the moving jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate. At this time, the crushed material is discharged from the mouth of the crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the crushing motor jaw makes a periodic motion to crush and discharge materials, realizing mass production.

Types of jaw crushers

According to the moving jaw mechanism, the jaw crushers are categorized into single toggle and double toggle.

Double toggle jaw crusher

A double toggle jaw crusher has two shafts and two toggle plates. When it works, the moving jaw only involves arc swing motion.

Single toggle jaw crusher

A single toggle jaw crusher has one shaft and one toggle plate. The eccentric shaft is on top of the moving jaw allowing the moving jaw to move in arc swing and up down at the same time. A single toggle jaw has a higher crushing ratio than a double toggle jaw crusher.

According to the top opening size, jaw crushers can be divided into large, medium, and small types.


Main parts of jaw crushers



The frame is a four-walled rigid frame with upper and lower openings. It is used to support the eccentric shaft and bear the reaction force of the crushed materials. It is generally cast with cast steel as a whole to get sufficient strength and rigidity.

jaw plate

fixed and movable plate form a crushing chamber and finish crushing ores by compression.

Movable system

Toggle plates, the eccentric shaft, and the flywheel. These are core components of jaw crushers that generates the action of the jaw to break the rock.

guard plate

protection function.

How to choose the right jaw rock crusher?

When choosing a suitable jaw rock crusher, first considering the different applications. Generally, there are stationary crushers or mobile crushers with tires or tracks. Another important factor is the requirements of output and grain size. Furthermore, consider comprehensive aspects.

  • Good usability

The ability to meet the requirements of the production process, strong adaptability, easy use and operation, advanced technical performance, high production efficiency, and easy to match the jaw crusher with related equipment.

  • Good reliability

Under the condition of fully exerting its high functions still performs reliable working accuracy, low failure rate, high attendance rate, and long average life.

  • Good maintainability

Refers to equipment with reasonable structure, a high degree of standardization and generalization of parts, and good interchangeability, which is convenient for inspection, testing, and maintenance.

  • Good economy

Refers to the production process equipment consumes less energy, low maintenance costs, more economical life cycle operating costs, and good overall economic benefits.

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