Impact Crusher Blow Bar


Crusher blow bars for sale

Application: Impact Crusher
Material: high chrome, medium chrome, high manganese, martensitic steel, and customized materials
Customization: according to customers’ drawings
Certificate: ISO9001:2008 & CE certification

Product Introduction

The impact crusher blow bar is mainly used in impact crushers. It is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy, and chemical industries. The blow bar is an important part of the impact crusher and is the most consumed vulnerable part in the production of the impact crusher which needs replacement at regular times. There are many shapes of blow bars. There are elongated, T-shaped, and other shapes, generally elongated.


The wear parts of the impact crusher also include the impact block, impact plate, liner plate, square steel, pressing block, etc. All of the crusher wear parts can be customized as per drawings, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote!

AGICO Cement has been manufacturing and supplying crushers and related wear parts for more than 20 years. The advanced technology, precise process, and finished products are well recognized by customers from home and abroad.

Advantages of Impact crusher blow bars by AGICO Cement

  • Strong abrasion resistance and impact toughness

Double refining technology outside the furnace effectively reduces the harmful elements, inclusions, and oxygen and hydrogen harm, which greatly improves the wear resistance and impact toughness.

  • Special heat treatment technology

An optimized heat treatment process makes the hardness of the product more evenly and can strengthen the toughness.

  • Longer service life

The blow bar and other wear parts can last long in harsh environments and serious abrasion.

  • Customization service

The blow bar can be customized according to drawings from the customers.

Why Choose AGICO Cement?

  • Rich Experience

After more than a decade’s development, AGICO Cement integrates manufacture, supply, R&D, design, installation, and so on.

  • Strict quality testing

All products are under a series of quality tests such as metallographic structure, machinery performance testing, ultrasonic inspection, high-frequency infrared carbon, surface analysis, etc.

  • Competitive price

As a direct manufacturer, we provide the most cost-effective crushers and crusher wear parts.

  • Wide range of crusher wear parts

We offer all necessary wear parts for all types of crushers such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, etc.

impact crusher blow bar Material

The most used material for the crusher blow bar is high manganese steel of austenitic structure which has a work-hardening property. Under the working condition of the products subjected to strong impact, the surface hardens rapidly, and the hardness can be increased from 170-225HB to 400-600HB, while the core still maintains the original hardness and has good toughness.

High chromium alloy material is another typical choice. The high chromium alloy blow bar is mainly composed of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum, with the addition of vanadium, titanium, boron, rare earth, and other alloying elements with different optimized combinations and a more rigorous and unique production process. The blow bar is heated to 1100°C by a heat treatment process, and then it is out of the furnace. After chemical water toughening treatment, it is tempered at a low temperature of 600°C, and it is air-cooled when it is out of the furnace. The hardness can reach 62HRC-65HRC, and the process is mature.

The manufacturing process of imapct Crusher blow bar

The casting process follows the steps below:

Wood pattern → molding → pouring → pit – sand cleaning- heat treatment – finishing (inspection) → rough processing – (inspection) – finishing (inspection) → assembly – packaging – delivery

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