crusher rotor

Types:vsi rotor/impact crusher rotor/hammer mill rotor
Application: VSI crusher/Impact crusher/Hammer mill crusher (heavy hammer crusher)
Crushing materials: limestone, blue stone, dolomite, cement clinker, etc.
Service: customizable according to drawings

The Crusher rotor is the core assembly in the structure and functionality of stone crushers. The motor drives the rotor to rotate, forcing the hammer to rotate the crushing material.
Most crushers for sale have only one rotor inside the structure while some have dual rotors. After a long time of use, the crusher rotor may encounter problems such as hammer shaft deformation, hammer disc, and hammer head fracture.

Crusher rotors for sale

The vsi rotor, hammer mill rotor, and impact rotor are the main types of crusher rotors that are widely applied in crushers crushing ores in mining industries, construction industries, etc.

AGICO Cement is a professional supplier of crushing equipment and crusher wear parts. The crusher rotors are fit for famous brands such as Sandvik and Metso. Like many factories, we offer products of common standard specifications. Furthermore, we offer customization services as per drawings. We insist on wear-resistant surfacing technology to improve crushing efficiency. The crusher rotors have features such as small tolerance, accurate size, and long service life.

vsi rotor for sale
hammer mill rotor for sale
impact rotor for sale

Hammer Mill Rotor


The hammer mill rotor is the core component of the hammer mill crusher. It is composed of a main shaft, discs, pins, and hammers. The size of the rotor can be large if it is applied to the heavy hammer crusher. On the other hand, a small rotor is usually used in fine crushers. The quality and performance of the hammer mill rotor are essential to the crushing efficiency. When the hammer shaft deforms, the hammered disc wears out, or the hammers fracture after a long time of use, it is necessary to replace the hammer mill rotor assembly.

Structure of hammer mill rotor

According to the array of hammer mill hammers, there is an alignment-type and cross-type structure. The overall principle is to arrange the hammers according to a certain weight ratio. Alignment arrangement: The hammers are mutually aligned into 4-6 rows on the circle with 7-11 hammers on each row. The array is varied according to the size of the rotors. Cross arrangement: The hammers are arranged in a way of crossing each other. According to the specification of the crusher rotor, hammers are divided into 4~6 rows on the circumference with 6~8 crusher hammers in each row.

Main shaft: The main shaft assembles all the components of the rotor to form a power drive function. It is the core part and drives the crusher rotor rotates.

Bearing seat and pulley: The bearing seat support all the weight of the rotor and connects the rotor to the shell of the hammer crusher. The pulley is designed to achieve the due transmission ratio. The heavyweight pulley is good for energy storage which can reduce the motor power and makes the rotor run more stable.

Bearing: The bearing seat support all the weight of the rotor and connects the rotor to the shell of the hammer crusher. The pulley is designed to achieve the due transmission ratio. The heavyweight pulley is good for energy storage which can reduce the motor power and makes the rotor run more stable.

Hammer shaft: The hammer shaft plays the role of connecting hammers and rotor discs so that the hammers can rotate 360 degrees about the hammer axis. The hammer shaft is the key vulnerable part of the crusher rotor to withstand the centrifugal force and crushing force of the crusher hammer head when crushing materials. The material of hammer shaft should be made of materials with high toughness and high strength.

Rotor disc and end plate: The rotor disc can be made in a forged way or welded way. The end plate refers to the two plates placed at the end of the rotor. The rotor disc and end plates are keyed on the main shaft.

Hammer mill hammers: Hammer mill hammers are the main wear part of the crusher. The size, shape, and weight of the hammers greatly affect the crushing efficiency. The weight of the hammers should be moderate to balance the crushing effect and the potential harm to the crusher resulting from the excessive centrifugal force.

Advantages of Hammer mill rotors from AGICO Cement

AGICO Cement has to enhance and upgrade the manufacturing of crusher rotors to solve the problems such as short life, easy damage, low output of crusher, and coarse particle size.

Advanced technology

Advanced finite element analysis technology is adopted to improve the crusher rotor design.

High strength material

According to the weak parts in the stress analysis cloud diagram of the crusher rotor, the reinforcement design and high strength and high-quality alloy steel were adopted. It has the advantages of extremely high strength and strong bending resistance and fatigue resistance. It is incomparable to the general high-strength alloy structural steel.

Longer service life

The surface of the rotor is treated with tungsten-titanium alloy which can protect the structure and reduce the stress concentration between the rotor disc and end hammer plate. The strength of the rotor is enhanced, and the fracture problems and struck phenomenon are effectively prevented. All these features contribute to longevity.

Improved crushing efficiencyhnology

The variable moment of inertia design can effectively improve the crushing efficiency, increase the output of the crusher, and reduce the fineness by 20~30%.

Impact Rotor


The impact rotor is a key part of the crushing process of an impact crusher. The motor drives the rotor to rotate, forcing the blow bar to impact and break the crushing material. It is a vulnerable part, and its working state affects the wear of the plate hammer.

Structure of impact mill rotor

The impact rotor is composed of the rotor frame, the main bearing shaft, the lock block, and the press plate. The method of assembly of impact crusher rotor has three kinds: integral, combined, and welded. A suitable weight design is essential for the impact rotor to adapt to crushing large-size materials. If it is too light, the rotating speed of the rotor is excessively decreased which leads to a bad crushing effect. If it is too heavy, the start of the rotor will become hard. Most of the impact adopts an integrated structure with a moderately heavy weight that meets the demands of crushing efficiency.

Advantages of  impact rotors from AGICO Cement

Heavy design

The impact rotor is a heavy design to achieve better crushing performance.

Strict test

Before leaving the factory, the impact rotor passed strict quality tests.

Easy to place blow bars

A special fixed device for the blow bars guarantees stability of the blow bars.

High-quality bearings

The main bearing shaft is configured with a large specification to provide a larger carrying capacity.

VSI Rotor


VSI stands for the vertical shaft impact. VSI rotor is the core component in a vertical shaft impact crusher or sand making machine as many people name it. It is also called vsi impeller or millstone. Though the structure looks quite different from hammer mill rotors and impact rotors, it plays the same role in the vsi crusher as the driver of the crushing activity.

Structure of impact mill rotor

The vsi rotor is composed of the rotor body, tray, feed hole cover, guide plate, upper wear plate, lower wear plate, and top wear plate, and other components. The wear components for a VSI rotor are located both within and on the rotor’s outer surfaces.

Advantages of  impact rotors from AGICO Cement

Quality material

Tested high-quality alloy steel is adopted. Under the premise of ensuring the impact toughness, it maximizes the wear resistance of the product

Powerful manufacturing strength

AGICO Cement has introduced advanced manufacturing machines. The original data of the equipment parts are complete.

Advanced technology

High-quality mold casting processing, all welding points are processed with high-quality wear-resistant electrodes.

Premium quality

The heat treatment process can enhance the stability and performance of vsi rotors.

Strict inspection

The quality inspection is through the whole manufacturing process to make sure there are no defective ones. The hardness, precision, and welding points are carefully inspected.

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