450t/h Stone Crushing Plant

450t/h stone crushing line project

Project Overview

Name:450t/h stone crushing plant
Material:basalt, pebble, etc.
Location:Shandong, China
Equipment:mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher

Working Process Of The Stone Crusher Plant

  • Feeding

The raw material of large stones is sent to the mobile jaw crusher by a forklift.

The mobile jaw crusher equipped with a vibrating feeder is feeding materials evenly and continuously.

  • Coarse crushing

The first stage of coarse crushing or primary crushing is done by the mobile jaw crusher.

  • Conveying

After being processed by the mobile jaw crusher, the materials are conveyed to the mobile cone crusher by the conveyor belt.

  • Medium to fine crushing

The materials are crushed to 0-20mm by a mobile cone crusher.

  • Screening

The materials are sent to the screening machine for the final size of 0-5mm, 5-10mm, and 10-20mm.

Advantages of the stone crushing plant

  • Simple installation

Integrated structure design, crawler-driven walking, can be directly driven into the crushing site, no need to install infrastructure.

  • Strong adaptability

The crawler walks and does not damage the road surface. The mobile crusher can climb hills,  achieve in-situ steering. Equipped with multi-functional attachments, it has a wide range of applications

  • Flexible configuration

Through the combination of different models, a powerful crushing operation line can be formed to complete multi-demand processing operations.

  • Intelligent control and low consumption

Touch screen operation is more intelligent and convenient, saving 25% energy consumption during operation. With a power unit, the mobile crusher can realize dual use of oil and electricity.

  • Environmental friendly

The body of the equipment has strong airtightness, and an auxiliary dust collection and noise reduction device is added, which meets environmental protection standards. The parts are made of super wear-resistant materials, which prolongs the service life of the equipment.

Words From Customer

Thanks to the tailor-made production project AGICO supplied, the operation of the mobile crusher is very effective. Features such as multi-function, high-efficiency, remote control, highly automation, environment protection, etc., contribute to the reliable quality.  The final products of sand and gravel have good quality, reasonable grade, adjustable fineness modulus.  

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