200t/h Pebble Crushing Mobile Production Line

200tph pebble crusher

Project Overview

Name:200t/h pebble crushing mobile production line
Location:Guizhou, China
Equipment:mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher

Brief Introduction of the pebble crusher

Many crushers can crush pebbles, such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, etc. Which pebble crusher to choose can be decided by the specification of raw material, required finished size, and capacity demand. The mobility and cost of the pebble crusher are also important factors to be considered.

pebble crushing mobile production line is combined with a mobile jaw crusher and a mobile impact crusher. There are three specifications of the particle size: ≤0.25mm, 0.35-0.25mm, 0.5-0.35mm. The final product has a uniform size and the fineness modulus is adjustable. It meets the standard of ultra-fine sand, fine sand, medium sand, and coarse sand. The final product is suitable for various road, municipal, construction, water conservancy, and other industrial construction sands.

Other configurations of the pebble crushing can be supplied according to customers’ demands. Contact for immediate free quotes.

Advantages of the pebble crusher

  •  Comply with national environmental protection standards

The production line of the project adopts dry processing technology and is equipped with dust pollution processors in the process. The pollution problems that occur during the production process are within the controllable range, which is far below the national emission standard, and professional engineers provide one-to-one complete process design.

  • Good product size and high efficiency

After professional analysis of the raw materials required by the customer, the project adopts a scientific and reasonable process plan for production. The equipment performance is stable, and it can produce finished products with gradation and fineness modulus that meet the national sand and gravel aggregate standards.

  • The plan is reasonable and the output meets the standard

The process uses two mobile crushers with different configurations. One mobile crusher is equipped with a jaw crusher for coarse material crushing, and the other mobile crusher is equipped with an impact crusher for fine material crushing. The combined mobile pebble crusher meets the customer’s output requirements and can also ensure the product size. After the project is completed, the production scale can reach an annual output of 600,000 tons.

Words From Customer

After many comparisons and investigations, we selected the AGICO. It designed a complete set of mobile crushing and sand-making production lines for us. The production line is flexible, easy to operate, safe in operation, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving. The finished sand has various specifications and excellent quality and has strong competitiveness in the market, which has brought great economic benefits to our factory.

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